[Bogota, 1991] Electrical Engineer from Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia) after that he moved to Dallas, TX to purse a Master in Information Technology Management at the University of Texas at Dallas and now he is more interested in data science.

Since he got access to a computer he discovered his passion for that world and has been living in the internet since then. In high school and following the dream of making a Super Mario World clone he started to program games in Flash at the same time he started to do some web development/blogging and SEO using PHP and Wordpress, thank god he is over those days.

In college he could not decide between Computer or Electrical Engineering so he studied both. After 2 years of boredom of computer science classes teaching stuff he already knew he drop it and continued with Electrical Engineering which proposed a challenge and new knowledge. After graduating from college he and a group of 23 students took part of the NASA Lunabotics mining competition representing Universidad de los Andes.

Then he left his homeland and started a masters degree in Information Technology and Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. There he discovered the world and challenges of business intelligence/data science/machine learning/big data and has been learning about it.

In an attempt to record his learning (and fulfill his frustrated dream of becoming a blogger) he started this blog.

He is a dog lover, book reader, TV Series fanatic and amateur gamer. Very passionate about new technologies and always wanting to learn something new.